Cultural Heritage

Abbey of Pomposa

The origin of the Abbey dates back to the VI-VII centuries, when a Benedictine settlement was built on what was the Insula Pomposia,

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Ca' Vendramin

To visit the interesting Regional Museum of Land Reclamation, located entirely within a group of buildings, built at the beginning of the twentieth

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Grillara of Aryan Polesine

Here you can find an interesting collection of ocarinas, one of the most fascinating traditions of the great river, in the Po Delta Park;

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Kostanjevica (Castagnevica)

It is an important cultural and religious center composed of the Church of the Annunciation, a Franciscan convent, the tomb of the last

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Saint Basil

Above a fossil dune, relict of the coastal coast of protohistoric times, stands a Romanesque church - founded in the tenth century by the Benedictine

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Solkan (Salcano)

A majestic and scenic railway bridge is reflected in the Soča river: with its eighty-five metres in length it is the longest single-arched stone

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